Urinalysis tests are becoming more and more common in workplaces for making sure that employees are clean and abstaining from all banned substances and drugs in the workplace. Newly joining employees are also asked to undergo this test to ensure they are not active users of any drugs which may hamper their performance at the job. This has made a lot of people look for alternative ways to come clean in these tests and thus land a job. Among them, synthetic urine is the easiest and most reliable method of passing. It is a liquid mixture of chemicals added in the right proportion which mimics real urine.

While there are a lot of brands of synthetic urine available out there, Quick fix urine is one of the best and most trusted among them. It is a pre mixed laboratory made urine which contains all of the ingredients which make it look and feel like real urine. Quick fix has the same color and texture as real urine which is light yellowish and thus passes off as physically the same thing as real urine. This makes sure that anyone who tries to use it for drug tests is not caught before any testing due to any off color of the synthetic urine. It also contains urea and uric acid which are the basic waste products excreted by the body in urine and almost all tests check for their presence and concentration in urine. Biocide is a chemical preservative which is like an indicator of the fact that the urine is fake and synthetic and thus labs check for biocide in urine samples to make sure they are not fake samples. Quick fix does not use Biocide in its synthetic urine and thus saves you from being caught due to its presence.

Creatine, another waste product found in urine, is added to quick fix in order to get as close chemically to real urine as possible. The ph as well as specific gravity of quick fix also mimics real urine and makes it more believable to pass off as real urine and help you pass your test. Also, the addition of a heat pad and a temperature strip makes it easy to maintain the ideal temperature almost equal to real urine while submitting your sample and allow it to pass off as real urine. So, a quick fix has a lot of important components which are present in real urine and which help it look and feel the same as the original.